Colson Fellows Program

A Powerful Nine-Month Entrepreneurial Discipleship Training Program for Christian Worldview in Action

How does God restore a broken culture?

With people like the Colson Fellows: people like you.

The Colson Fellows Program educates people of strong faith with relevant skills, biblical knowledge, and a solid Christian worldview, so you can navigate today’s culture and re-shape it in a way that is pleasing to God.


What do you get when you join the
Colson Fellows Program?

Spiritual Transformation

Before God can use you fully, you have to strengthen the personal discipleship that will keep you strong in the face of adversity.

Clear Vision

As part of the program, you’ll develop and begin to execute a tangible plan for pursuing Christian worldview that will tap into the unique skills God has given you and place he has put you.


Practical Skills

Our ministry tools will give you the capacity for ministry entrepreneurship – the ability to bring the transformative power of the gospel into your own culture and community.

Powerful Network

You’ll join with like-minded men and women who share your passion and training, who can challenge and support one another in their pursuit of God’s call.

  • Equipped to Change the world.

    Behind the Colson Fellows Program is a powerful nine-month program that equips people of faith from every walk of life – people like you – with practical skills, biblical knowledge, and a solid Christian worldview. The program includes both our flagship national program, as well as several local affiliates.

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  • For Chuck Colson, Redemption was no abstraction.

    Colson Fellows Program founder Chuck Colson understood personally about Christ’s power to accomplish great things through imperfect people. His own experience drove him to build a program that would help Christian leaders to live out “a biblical view of all of life.” Today, Colson Fellows are on the front lines of Christian ministry and influence.


A transformative decision
A lifetime of impact

  • Weekly Self Study

    The base of the Colson Fellows Program is structured, ongoing self-study through carefully chosen, thought-provoking reading assignments. You’ll discuss what you’ve studied in an online forum that offers a lively, free-flowing exchange of ideas and experiences. You’ll further enhance your biblical knowledge and understanding through focused devotionals and discipleship activities.

  • Monthly Remote Gatherings

    You’ll take part in webinars and teleconferences with Christians at the forefront of cultural engagement. Each month, authors, scholars, and opinion leaders will bring you intelligent, inspiring lectures and discussions that will help you become a stronger leader for Christ. These regular gatherings will connect you with Colson Fellows-in-training from across the United States, and even around the world.

  • First Weekend Residency

    Your first Weekend Residency will bring all Colson Fellows-in-training together to share a powerful weekend of lectures, training, and relationship building. This weekend will be the opportunity to spend time face to face with peers and faculty and to initiate relationships that will challenge you on your Colson Fellows Program journey.

  • Identify Your Personal Mission Field

    Once your training has advanced, you will have the chance to identify your special ministry focus — the personal mission field in your own community where God is calling you to serve. You will start to develop your strategic Three-Year Ministry Plan for addressing your ministry focus. This plan will utilize your passion, experience, and life of discipleship to reach those you can best reach.

  • Second Weekend Residency

    For your second Weekend Residency, you will gather again with your fellow Colson Fellows-in-training for another important time of collaboration with peers and challenging instruction from program faculty — leading thinkers and doers in the area of Christian worldview. This weekend will set the stage for your last phase of the program, leading up to the final Commissioning Residency.

  • Teaching Practicum

    While you will be putting your training into practice throughout the program, the Teaching Practicum is an important opportunity to practice the teaching skills and principles you are acquiring in the program by actually instructing your peers on a relevant topic in the course. This is a valuable experience where you will receive feedback and encouragement in a safe environment.

  • Commissioning Residency

    The final residency is the Wilberforce Weekend, at which Colson Fellows will gather with hundreds of others for a final weekend of training, networking, and fellowship. The weekend culminates with a commissioning ceremony.


Rollover the white bullets above to read about program details. Affiliate program timelines may vary.

Built for your Real Life.

The Colson Fellows Program curriculum was designed for men and women with busy, complex lives. This unique program combines structured lessons, online learning, and face-to-face weekend residencies with a flexible schedule, to provide an intense, rewarding discipleship experience.

Exceptional experiences make great teachers. And vice versa.

One Commission. Two ways to earn it.

The National Program

In 2017-2018, the Colson Fellows will come together for three residency weekends in Colorado Springs, Phoenix, and for our Wilberforce Weekend in Washington, D.C., where we will learn from exceptional speakers and enjoy fellowship with one another. We will also connect throughout our nine months together via an online forum and bi-weekly webinars.

Affiliate Programs

As the Colson Fellows Program has grown, communities throughout the United States have also embraced it. We are pleased to offer several community-based versions of the national program. Affiliate program tuition and class formats may vary by location. When you begin your application process, please indicate whether you are interested in the flagship national program or in one of the affiliate options.

  • “I’m now part of a network that goes far beyond my daily reach, in a community that grasps worldview the way I want to.”

    Centurion / Colson Fellow Kyle Barthelson Alliance Defending Freedom

  • “People [from the Colson Fellows Program] have invested in me — so in the future I’ll be able to invest in others.”

    Centurion / Colson Fellow Kelli Mutz PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • “Chuck Colson gathered some of the finest minds in the country to explore the answers to questions in a biblical way through the Colson Fellows Program.”

    Centurion / Colson Fellow Nancy Schulze Co-Founder of the American Prayer Initiative and co-host of “A Voice for Freedom Radio”

  • “The Colson Fellows Program has gotten me out of my comfort zone and helped me put vision to what I need to do — not only in the church, but also in the community.”

    Centurion / Colson Fellow Brian Wang Kanakuk Kamps’s Link Year

  • “The Colson Fellows program was a tremendous blessing in my spiritual, personal, and professional development. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to better understand the ways that their Christian worldview allows them to excel in an increasingly pluralistic culture.”

    Dr. Michael Lindsay President, Gordon College

Learn More

Speak to an advisor
To talk personally with an advisor about program details, your qualifications, or even the difference between our flagship national program and affiliate programs, please call Brooke Colón at 703-574-3091 (ext. 118), or email [email protected]. We would be delighted to offer you guidance.


The application season for the 2017-2018 class of Colson Fellows has now closed. Apply today for the 2018-2019 class, which begins in August 2018!

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Application Process

While becoming a Colson Fellow takes time and commitment, our application process is straightforward. You already have the foundation: a strong and heartfelt faith. We encourage you to take that faith further, and become a leader for Christ – to become a Colson Fellow.

The application season for the 2017-2018 class of Colson Fellows has now closed. Apply today for the 2018-2019 class which begins in August 2018!


We’re passionate about equipping motivated disciples to take their next step. Because our program is generously underwritten by thousands who share our vision, your tuition is reduced to just $1500 (scholarships available - email [email protected] for more information). Let us make a substantial investment in you: Become a Colson Fellow.

The Colson Fellows Program thanks WaterStone for their generosity in partnering with us to provide scholarships for course participants. You can learn more about WaterStone here.

Do you have what it takes?

Program Qualifications:
  • Are you serious about living your faith?
  • Are you willing to devote meaningful time each week to learning and growing in faith?
  • Are you ready to gather for weekend residencies learning and interacting with leading Christian worldview activists, and building relationships with other Colson Fellows?
Along with the National Program, the following Regional Programs are also accepting applications for the 2017-2018 program year: